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Les dernières nouvelles d'Open Ocean et des secteurs dans lequels nous intervenons

Open Ocean in the June issue of Oilfield Technology Magasine

Jerome Cuny, one of the Open Ocean founders. highlights the uses for sophisticated metocean hindcasting in offshore oil and gas operations in Oilfield Technology Magasine. He explains how does ocean modeling work and what is the challenge of ocean numerical simulation.


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Windturbine should permit a better oil offshore exploitation

By matching the development of floating wind turbine technology with the oil industry’s need for water injection for maximizing oil recovery, DNV GL proposed a concept called WIN WIN, which stands for WINd- powered Water INjection. WIN WIN comprises a floating wind turbine which supplies power to a water injection process, and is a fully stand- alone system that includes pumps and basic water treatment.

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Do you know the Oil’s magic number?

Oil prices reflect supply and demand balances, with increasing prices often suggesting a need for greater supply. Producing greater supply, in turn, typically requires increased investment in exploration and production (E&P) activities.

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North Sea oil industry to receive a £250 million emergency investment package

David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the UK, has announced a £250 million package to boost the North Sea oil industry. 

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Anadarko achieves first oil at Heidelberg spar in the Gulf of Mexico

American Oil & Gas exploration company, Anadarko, announced that it has achieved first oil from Heidelberg deepwater oil field in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Premier Oil to buy E.ON’s North Sea oil fields for $120 million

UK oil company Premier Oil is set to acquire E.ON UK’s oil fields in the the North Sea. The $120 million worth assets are located in the central North Sea, West of Shetlands.

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Gassco exports record amount of Gas from Norwegian continental shelf

Norwegian state-owned gas operator, Gassco has exported record amount of gas from the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) to European countries in 2015. 

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