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Wind turbines can compensate less windy conditions on coldest days

An analysis conducted in Great Britain concluded that even if winter days are usually less windy, wind turbines might work harder on the coldest days, compensating high power demand.

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Second US offshore wind project to be built off the coast of Virginia

Dominion Energy Virginia have signed an agreement and strategic partnership with DONG Energy to construct two 6-megawatt turbines off the coast of Virginia Beach, in the mid-Atlantic

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MaRINET2 project granted 1.3 million euros for ocean energy development

Thirty four ocean energy technology development teams were awarded with €1.3 million to test their devices on MaRINET2 project’s facilities as well as in real sea conditions.

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Offshore wind turbines may not withstand Category 5 hurricanes

A study conducted at the University of Colorado Boulder, in The United States, concluded that standard offshore wind turbines may not resist the intense winds of a Category 5 hurricane

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US offshore wind: a wealth of opportunities to explore with Metocean Analytics

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) announces several commercial leases on the US Atlantic Coasts and warms up the US offshore wind energy market

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