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Open Ocean & AtmosMarine are now partners !

Open Ocean continuously wishes to expand its connections throughout the world with partners companies to promote the Metocean Analytics online solution and build fruitful technological collaborations.

Within this scope, Open Ocean and AtmosMarine have recently signed a business and technology agreement.
AtmosMarine, a Brazilian independent consultancy,  will provide metocean numerical simulation datasets specific to the Brazilian region to be included in Metocean Analytics catalogue. Moreover, AtmosMarine is now the official reseller of Metocean Analytics solution in Brazil !

After a few complicated years for the Oil & Gas sector in Brazil, this industry is picking up again with a lot of projects coming for the coming years thanks to easier regulatory law put in place by the government. In 2017, the Oil & Gas sector was representing 11% of Brazil's GDP and the predictions for next year are very positive.

We are very pleased to be partnering with AtmosMarine, a local expert in Brazil, especially when the Brazilian offshore industry is gaining confidence again” - Renaud Laborbe, Executive Chairman of Open Ocean.

It is a great opportunity to combine our knowledge of local offshore dynamics with the innovative Metocean Analytics platform” - Laura Azevedo, Managing Director of Atmosmarine.

About AtmosMarine

AtmosMarine is an engineering and technology company focused on marine safety, forecasting, monitoring, operational support and metocean analysis. Their mission is to offer the most advanced and high quality metocean products and services to give clients the opportunity to predict, monitor and protect their resources, to perform more profitable operations and understand the natural issues they can be subjected to.

About Open Ocean

Open Ocean is a French independant company focused on innovation. Since 2011, Open Ocean assists all the actors of the offshore sector with tailored consultancy services and its unique online decision-making solution for industrial marine activities : Metocean Analytics, the first online offer for metocean study on-demand.

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