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New offshore wind projects for Turkey

In 2018, Turkey will launch its first offshore wind project in the Aegean Sea.The government announced that a call for tender will be made in the months to come.

Turkey is already producing wind energy but only with onshore wind farms. The country counts 153 wind farms with a total capacity of 6 262 MW in february 2017, the biggest one being the Balikesir one with 52 turbines with a capacity of 143 MW.

In 2015, experts were already talking about Turkey’s offshore wind potential but many issues have delayed the projects such as the depth of the water or the lack of information about the wind’s intensity. Right now,  the depth of the water is no longer a problem thanks to new floating turbine technologies such as tension leg platform (TLP) which allows to go where we couldn’t before. Projects in the Black Sea are also considered. These new offshore projects will help Turkey to reach its goal to have 30% of renewable energy by 2023, a 61 000 MW capacity.

To help Turkey in this ambitious project, Open Ocean has added new regional datasets  to the online solution Metocean Analytics! To succeed, project developers will need to have a clear vision on the historical metocean conditions such as wave or current historical analysis. Open Ocean is able to provide you with the best regional data analysis which can really have an impact on the good proceedings of your offshore project. Do you have a special request ? Our highly qualified team of oceanographers will be happy to help you with it !

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