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Advanced weather downtime analysis: Metocean Analytics' new feature to estimate the duration of complex marine operations

Open Ocean presents a revolutionary functionality of Metocean Analytics: the Advanced Weather Downtime. Given all steps of a marine operation and the associated weather constraints, the Advanced Weather Downtime outputs the duration of your operation taking into account the weather downtime.

With this new functionality, you easily obtain, directly online, the estimated duration of your operation with different probabilities (P10 to P99) based on historical metocean conditions at your site of interest. 

The output in Excel format, includes monthly / biweekly exceedance probabilities, as well as monthly / biweekly duration estimate for the whole operation, for each phase of the operation, and for each task of each phase.

This gives you a complete view of the weather impact on your operation.

The Advanced Weather Downtime is already available in Metocean Analytics. To use it, simply go to the ANALYZE section of your project, then select the METOCEAN field, then Advanced Weather Downtime in the Statistics section. This allows you to upload the planning of your marine operation and to submit it to Metocean Analytics. When the computation is done, in less than a minute, you receive an email to download the results in your Metocean Analytics account. 


Advanced weather downtime is the perfect tool to better plan your operations and fine-tune your budget.

If you want to know more about this new tool and how to use it, please contact us and we’ll be glad to show you a demonstration.