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US offshore wind: a wealth of opportunities to explore with Metocean Analytics

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) announces several commercial leases on the US Atlantic Coasts and warms up the US offshore wind energy market

During the US Offshore Wind 2017 conference, which took place in Long Island, NY on May 8-9th, Open Ocean had the pleasure to present Metocean Analytics to attendees at company’s booth. The event was a consolidation of wind energy power growth in The United States, counting with twice the number of attendees from its 2016 edition.

The US offshore wind energy market has been growing exponentially, with recent applications for wind project leases on the outer continental shelf. 

Commercial leases include developments in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia and New York.  A research lease was also announced for Virginia and a ROW Grant for Rhode Island.

These leases add up to the latest news of the auction for a site offshore North Carolina and the completion of Deepwater Wind’s Block Island offshore wind farm.

Increased activities suggest that offshore wind projects may become a more important part of the US energy industry in the coming years. 

To help your company develop an offshore wind project on the US Atlantic coast, Open Ocean has conceived Metocean Analytics, the first online offer for metocean study on-demand. A specific US East Coast zone is available, offering high resolution metocean data, statistics and reports through essential analytics and display tools.

For more information, please contact us and ask for a demo.

Source: BOEM