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Great news for tidal energy industry: government authorises the construction of first pilot tidal farm in France

Tidal turbines will be implemented at 3,5 Km from Goury (Manche), around 30m deep. The pilot farm will have a 14 MW power capacity, the equivalent consumption of 10.000 to 13.000 households. 

DCNS Energies and EDF EN project is named Normandie Hydro and will cost approximately 112 million euros, from which 50 million euros will be subsided. Installation should start in 2018-2019, according to DCNS. 

On February 2, 2017, Thierry Kalanquin, Director of Marine Energy and Infrastructure Division at DCNS, declared that one of the biggest advantages of marine tidal energy is its predictable character. With energy consumption in mind, along with the predictability of tidal energy production, it will be possible to stock energy in order to compensate when production is lower, for example during the tide reversal period.

In order to develop a tidal project, an extensive analysis of metocean conditions is necessary. To solve this problem, Open Ocean has develop Metocean Analytics, the perfect tool for this analysis, offering metocean studies based on historical waves, currents, wind and ocean temperature datasets. 

DCNS Energies has already chosen Metocean Solution for a worldwide analysis of metocean conditions. If you wanna know more about it, contact us and ask for a demo. 

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