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Global Wind Market Forecast (including offshore) predicts Europe’s capacity of 297 GW by the end of 2026

FTI Research released on March 21, 2017, a new study analysing world’s wind industry development forecast between 2017 and 2026. Even though Asia is still the world leader on the wind market because of China, Europe has proven its value. 

Numbers are promising for the old continent, with a total wind farm capacity forecast of 297 GW by 2026. Europe is expected to account for 22.1% of new installations  globally between 2017 and 2026. 

Amongst European countries, Germany is the leader, with 40 GW capacity planned for installation between 2017 and 2026, followed by France (20 GW) and the UK (14 GW). Installations (including offshore wind) in France are expected to peak at 2,500 MW in 2021. 

Regarding offshore wind industry, Europe will be the largest regional market with 59.8% of the new capacity added worldwide. This will represent 47 GW of total new installed capacity.

In France, four demonstration offshore floating projects have been approved by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency, as you can read here. Besides, France has started a competitive dialogue procedure to select potential developers for a 3rd round offshore wind tender. 

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