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Floating Offshore Wind: a promising industry starting to rise in Europe

Giles Dickson, CEO of WindEurope, started his presentation by implying that floating offshore is starting to see the results of several years of R&D with projects getting real, such as Hywind Scotland (30MW capacity), Kincardine (48MW capacity) and Dounreay Tri (30 MW capacity) in Scotland, as well as WindLoat Atlantic (30MW capacity) in Portugal and French Demonstrators (4 x 25MW capacity) in France.

The potential for floating wind capacity in Europe is huge: 4,000GW with 80% share of offshore wind resource in +60m water depth.

The image below shows Europe’s bathymetry analysed by Metocean Analytics.

Bathymetry Europe.PNG

Another interesting statement was that costs will fall in practically every area of wind production, with an estimate of -38% of cost reduction on floating offshore wind by 2050.
To conclude his presentation, Mr. Dickson said that “the offshore wind industry needs at least 4GW/year to maintain investments that lead to full competitiveness as well as help the EU meet its 2030 commitments” and he affirms that floating offshore wind has an important role to play in securing this future.


Source: WindEurope



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