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Zeus Storm: strongest storm to hit France since 1999 with wind gusts up to 193 km/h

It is the strongest storm France has seen since 1999 with winds of extreme violence. Zeus was classified as the 5th strongest storm to hit the country since the creation of the National Meteorology Department, 70 years ago.

With peak gust values of  almost  200km/h, Zeus was especially cruel, in Brittany and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Even though the worst consequences were in the west, the storm touched almost 2/3 of the country, with wind gusts of more than 100km/h on France’s center region. 

Maximum wind speeds observed over France during the Zeus storm:

ouest france 1.jpg

Source: Ouest France

In the ocean, waves reached up to 14m at the lighthouse Pierre Noires in Finistère. 

The strongest storms France has ever seen was Lothar and Martin at the end of december 1999 with wind gusts of 210km/h in pont de Tancarville and 169km/h in Paris.

Zeus was produced by a rapidly deepening cyclone coming from British Isles towards the northern France. An intense sting jet was developed within the cyclone travelling the west of france. 

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