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RTE awards framework contract to Open Ocean

With the development of floating and fixed offshore wind in France, RTE is responsible for an increasing number of offshore grid connections. Offshore grid connection requires a thorough knowledge of the offshore conditions for design and operational purposes.

RTE has thus awarded to Open Ocean and partner company Acri-HE, a framework contract to fulfill its increasing requirements for metocean studies. Combining its expertise as a consultancy and the innovative solution Metocean Analytics, Open Ocean will be able to answer all the metocean data and statistics requests from RTE.

Metocean Analytics simplifies and accelerates the analysis process for offshore development sites providing average metocean conditions, as well as extreme value analysis and operating weather windows. This is possible thanks to a large catalogue of currents, waves and wind data, coupled with statistical tools analyzing precisely the locations of interest, and an editing tool providing reports on-demand. These are the reasons why Eoliennes en Mer has chosen Open Ocean and Metocean Analytics to optimize the implementation and profitability of its offshore projects.

 “We are very proud to have been chosen by RTE, a major actor of the offshore wind industry in France. Metocean Analytics will help RTE save time in implementing its projects, and reduce its costs. The swift statistical calculations and the easily accessible data make of Metocean Analytics a disruptive offer that will support many companies in working faster and better.” explains Jerome Cuny, co-founder of Open Ocean.

About Open Ocean
Open Ocean is a French company founded in 2011 by physicists-oceanographers Renaud Laborbe and Jérôme Cuny. Based in Paris and Brest, Open Ocean is a pioneer in the field of Marine Data Intelligence. It has conceived Metocean Analytics, analysis and visualization online tool for metocean data. Open Ocean benefited from the HPC/PME Initiative program initiated jointly by the Grand Équipement National de Calcul Intensif (GENCI), the French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation (INRIA), the French Public Investment Bank (BPI France), and global French competitiveness clusters. The company was laureate in the national competition for the creation of innovative company by the Ministry of Research (i-Lab), was supported by ScientiPôle Initiative and joined Agoranov business incubator in February 2011. Since 2014, Open Ocean has an official partnership with the Scottish company Aquatera.

About RTE
RTE is the French transmission system operator, owner of the biggest transmission network in Europe, operating France's high and extra-high voltage transmission system. At the core of the power system, RTE keeps the balance between power consumption and generation. Twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, RTE plays a key role in directing the flow of electricity and maximising power system efficiency in France, conveying electricity throughout mainland France, from power generation facilities to industrial consumers who are connected to the transmission grid, and to the distribution grid which provides the link between RTE and end users. With close to 105 000 km of power lines and 2 710 substations, RTE also manages the repairs and preventive maintenance of transmission infrastructures.