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Wind energy: A Low cost energy soon?

Last year the lowest cost ever offered for an offshore wind farm tender droped down to €103/MWh for the Horns Rev 3 farm in Denmark. It included the grid connection. In early July DONG Energy won the concession to build the offshore wind farms Borssele I and II. The total price offered was €87/MWh including the cost of the grid connection.

How wind turbine manufacturers do the reduction cost ?

“Larger, Greener”

It was the topic one of our previous articles, “the larger the wind turbine is, the greener the electricity becomes”. Indeed, the material innovations has allowed the turbines to dramatically increase in size avoiding the mass increase. So even if the turbines are getting bigger, manufacturers actually save materials and also decrease assembly cost by reducing the number of total turbines needed to produce the same quantity of power.


Wind turbine can be maintained more easily

Beside the cost construction, the maintenance is an important part of the final energy cost. Before, a full day and one technician were required to inspect only one blade of a single wind turbine.  With high resolution camera, DONG innovates, enabling 2 technician to inspect up to 3 wind turbine per day. Especially it is no longer necessary to stop wind turbines for an entire day, only two hours are necessary.



According to DONG, “standardization” is a key in cost reduction. Offshore Wind energy is a young industry being developed for 25 years now. Through the time, manufacturers have acquired knowledge, and it is now possible to standardize the whole process. The concept is to build offshore wind farm in different locations presenting similar conditions. Hence the components are standardized and the suppliers work in a competitive environment.


The Dutch government will save €2.7bn on the estimated cost of the 700MW Borssele 1&2 offshore wind farm, following this record low bid by DONG Energy.

WindEurope CEO Giles Dickson said: “It has been clear for some time that the costs of offshore wind are falling rapidly. This tender goes beyond even the most optimistic expectations in the market. The €87/MWh is significantly lower than anything we’ve previously seen. It now puts offshore wind in the same cost range as conventional power generation.”