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Open Ocean in the June issue of Oifield Technology Magasine

Ocean is the new El Dorado

“More than 30%” It is the part of offshore oil production of all oil production. Besides 60% of new fields being discovered offshore. However the exploitation of this offshore wealth represents a challenge in this harsh environnement. To overcome the difficulties Open Ocean is working to develop ocean model.

The need of Historical metocean Condition

“A solid knowledge of historical conditions of metocean data on site is essential for any offshore project”, says Jerome Cuny. Indeed, an average metocean conditions but also extreme conditions are essential to develop the structure design parameters, increase the operations effeciency and ensure the workers security.


The ocean numerical simulation

It is impossible to get data for all the oceans, because in-situ measurements register data only on one location.

But ,based on in-situ measurements and satelite technology, models are able to reproduct a historical metocean condition. In fact a numerical model is a computer program that solves the equations of oceans dynamics at each node of a spacial grid. Hence the limit of in-situ measurements in one location are balanced by ocean numerical simulation.

Unstructured grid.png
Big data: the challenge


Ocean numerical solution represents a large amount of data. Manage, use, and get the most values of several terabytes of statistics is a real challenge. Open Ocean spent three year working on “big data mining solution”. Now the time of computation, the statistical methodology robustness are combined with an ergonomic interface: Metocean Analytics. This online solution gives you a multitude of wind, waves and currents validated statistics in just a few minutes.


Open Ocean choose the transparency

For each statistics computed by Metocean Analytics you can obtain the data source and the validation info. Watch this video to learn more about the data validation:
“The June issue of Oilfield Technology begins by taking a look at the state of the upstream industry in South America. Key technical features in this issue include Drill Bits, Directional Drilling, and Completions. The issue also contains features on Multi-Client Seismic, Unconventional Production Technologies, EOR/IOR, Well Intervention, Deepwater Technology, Recruitment, and more.”