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Windturbine should permit a better oil offshore exploitation

By matching the development of floating wind turbine technology with the oil industry’s need for water injection for maximizing oil recovery, DNV GL proposed a concept called WIN WIN, which stands for WINd- powered Water INjection. WIN WIN comprises a floating wind turbine which supplies power to a water injection process, and is a fully stand- alone system that includes pumps and basic water treatment.

The WIN WIN project shows how recent developments in floating offshore wind turbines offer a clean, reliable, and cost effective alternative for powering water injection in offshore locations. It opens the door to a new and fruitful collaboration between two major energy industries.

Remi Eriksen Group President and CEO, DNV GL said:The WIN WIN project showcases that the oil and gas industry can become a creative force in solving the world’s energy trilemma by driving development of reliable, clean and affordable technologies. This is a win for both the oil and gas and for the wind power industries.”

WIN WIN is technically feasible and a wind-powered water injection system meets the industry’s technical, functional and commercial requirements, offering a realistic alternative with unique benefits.


While WIN WIN has higher operational expenditures compared to a conventional alternative, the significantly lower capital expenditure means that it comes out comparable in 20 year life-cycle comparison. WIN WIN is therefore a commercially competitive alternative in a range of cases, and especially when host platform capacity is limited or injection wells are located far away.


Validation of the system in a physical set-up is a probable next step. The key objective would be to gain assurance that the components integrated in this configuration will offer satisfactory performance over time, and with a variable power input. Several pathways are currently being explored to that effect.