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Ocean Power Technologies' PowerBuoy moves towards commercialisation

New Jersey based wave energy developer, Ocean Power Technologies has announced that its APB350 (A1) PowerBuoy has achieved several significant milestones. 

During the 125 days of its deployment, APB350 (A1) has energy generated more than 1 MWh electricity, with a new maximum generation record of 32 KWh of energy for a 24 hour period. 

Located in the North Atlantic sea, off the coast of New Jersey, the buoy has also successfully communicated key performance as well as meteorological data from the buoy's integrated weather station. 

Mr. Kirby,  Chief Executive Officer at OPT said "We continue to be very excited by the A1's overall performance, specifically its power generation in extreme ocean conditions. The A1 results are significant as it continues to confirm design robustness and demonstrates measurable progress toward commercial readiness on three key focus areas: the PTO; the survivability of the PowerBuoy system during high sea states; and the linear seal, which prevents water from entering the buoy." 

"We continue to believe that the combination of sea trials, ALT, and feedback from the Technical Advisory Panel are helping us shorten our product's validation and market introduction time. We are receiving significant commercial interest resulting from the positive sea trials and ALT results, which supports our goal of 2016 commercialisation," he added.  

After the necessary maintenance, the buoy will be redeployed and sea trials will continue for further validation of reliability and survivability of the buoy.