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Gassco exports record amount of Gas from Norwegian continental shelf

As per the industry reports, Gassco has exported about 108 billion standard cubic meters (scm) of natural gas from the Norwegian continental shelf to various countries through underwater natural gas pipelines. 

In conjunction to this increase, natural gas exports to Germany, Belgium, France and the UK from NCS rose by 7 billion scm in 2015. 

Mr. Frode Leversund, CEO at Gassco said “Availability for delivering gas through the transport system exceeded 99% in 2015 and more than 30% of Norwegian gas exports pass through our process plant at Kollsnes near Bergen, where capacity utilisation was record-high last year.”

According to a report by Gassco, an average regularity of 99.38% was achieved for the network in 2015, compared with 99.92% in 2014. Furthermore, a new delivery record.