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Seabased to develop a wave energy project in India

Seabased is going to work with Seafaradays, an Indian energy developer to install this wave farm. A memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed between the companies to this effect.

Located at the juncture of Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea, the first phase of the project will generate 1 MW and will be eventually expanded to 30 MW.

The Seabased wave energy convertor (WEC)  is based on a submerged linear generator connected to a surface buoy to  capture the wave motion energy.

The wave farm would be connected to the onshore grid through marine substations.

Earlier, Seabased was involved in wave energy projects in Sweden and Ghana, besides providing technology to Simply Blue Energy, a UK wave energy developer that is currently working on a wave farm off the coast of Cornwall in England.