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Manx Tidal Energy Granted License to Explore Potential Tidal Energy in Isle of Man

Manx Tidal Energy would carry out an extensive survey to determine the feasibility, practicality and economical viability of tidal energy generation in the Irish sea.
Andrew Roy, Chairman of Manx Tidal Energy said “The size and scale of the site could make this the largest tidal energy project in the world to date. The ambition of the industry is matched by a vision from government and the issue of this survey license demonstrates the political appetite exists to unlock the vast potential of the Irish Sea’s clean energy resources.”
Phil Gawne, Infrastructure Minister of Isle of Man said ‘'The opportunities for the Isle of Man in renewable energy are significant. Leasing parts of our seabed to offshore tidal developers will generate substantial revenue directly to the Isle of Man government, helping to fund public services as well as lowering our carbon footprint.'’
Laurence Skelly, Economic Development Minister for Isle of Man said “The granting of the survey license has been achieved as a result of collaborative working between the public and private sectors. If the development of tidal arrays in Manx waters is viable, all the infrastructure costs involved in building and installing the facilities would be borne by the developer rather than the Isle of Man government. This industry has huge potential for the future and I look forward to further progress being made.”

In addition to the area off the Point of Ayre, there is a possibility of granting survey licenses for three other sites off the southern end of the Manx coast. 

The development of an offshore energy hub is one of the key strategies of Isle of Man government to boost the local economy. Moreover, leasing parts of the Island’s seabed for renewable energy development is believed to make a major contribution to  local job creation and public funds.