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HydroQuest Successfully Connects its River Tidal Turbine to ERDF

Located in Orleans  along the Loire river, this first of its kind project in France uses river kinetic energy to produce electricity in a predictable manner through vertical axis turbine system. 
Installed in late 2014, the 40kw HydroQuest 1.40 has been tested for 10 months in real conditions to evaluate it in its natural environment. 

Following this success, Jean-François Simon, president of HydroQuest said  ''We are proud to be the first to connect a river tidal energy convertor to the French power network. Following a string of successes of our river turbines tested in real conditions, we launched the marketing of our  tidal energy converter to contribute to the revitalisation of the French industrial sector and to meet the growing energy needs of industrialised countries, as well as developing countries.  This is the reason I travelled to Benin, Cameroon and Angola with Mr. François Hollande .’’

‘’It's time France positioned itself as an international model in the marine and river energy sector, particularly through the establishment of a tidal energy farm to prove the capabilities of the tidal and wave energy to prospective clients,’’ he added. 

In this wake of this success, HydroQuest is aspiring to install river energy farms across the world to generate clean energy. HydroQuest is also planning to install an offshore tidal energy  turbine in the near future.