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Sabella Connects the First French Tidal Turbine

Despite rough weather, Sabella's technical teams have worked day and night to finish the project's final step.  Although the turbine was perfectly positioned on the seabed last June, no appropriate weather window was found until now. 

Jean-Christophe Allo, Project Manager at Sabella said that both brakes were still tight on the rotor, but they hoped to release them in the next few days.

This turbine can generate up to 1MW with the highest tides and Sabella is expecting this turbine to generate up to 800MW per year, which would meet 15% of the energy needs of Ushant island. So far, Ushant island has been producing its electricity with four diesel-powered generators. 

Denis Pallue, Mayor of Ouessant said " We have been relying on diesel-powered generators for electricity on the island, but now Sabella has crossed an important milestone by commissioning this offshore wave & tidal energy project.  This project will add to the energy mix of the island and takes us a step forward towards clean energy.”

This development is a significant step for the tidal energy market in France. Yet,this is just a beginning as Sabella plans to install 3 additional turbines on the same site by 2019.