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Stonehenge Metals Set to Deploy 30 Buoys in Australia

Stonehenge Metals plans to market the protean wave energy converter technology as a plausible way to generate electricity for small island communities.

This is the second spell of the test phase of this technology. In August, the company tested a single device off the coast of Coogee, south of Fremantle with pleasing results.  Australian company Stonehenge Metals is set to deploy 30 protean wave energy converter buoys tethered together and supported by weights that will be filled with water and dropped on the seafloor off the western Australian coast.
Managing director of Stonehenge Metals Bruce Lane said "The wave resource off Bunbury is very good, it's exposed to the Southern Ocean which is the most powerful body of water on the planet, we believe. If the trail in Bunbury trial is also successful, the company would look at introducing its product to the commercial market."

"There are about 60 small island nations in the world that use a significant amount of electricity, most which is generated from diesel. We think that's quite a big market rather than grid connected energy to power Perth or Bunbury", he added.

Stonehenge Metals has already identified Rottnest Island, off the coast of Perth, as an ideal place for a wave farm. In addition to generating electricity, this wave farm could possibly produce drinking water to remote and regional island communities.