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Les dernières nouvelles d'Open Ocean et des secteurs dans lequels nous intervenons

Hurricanes and climate change

For the past few weeks, one question is on everyone's mouth: Is there a relation between climate change and the recent repetition of very strong hurricanes events in the Caribbean and US South-East? The experts say that it is not the easiest question to answer.

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A completely new version of Metocean Analytics has been released

Open Ocean has released a new version of Metocean Analytics taking in account all the suggestions from its customers.

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Wind turbines can compensate less windy conditions on coldest days

An analysis conducted in Great Britain concluded that even if winter days are usually less windy, wind turbines might work harder on the coldest days, compensating high power demand.

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Second US offshore wind project to be built off the coast of Virginia

Dominion Energy Virginia have signed an agreement and strategic partnership with DONG Energy to construct two 6-megawatt turbines off the coast of Virginia Beach, in the mid-Atlantic

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The impact of global sea-level rise on tides might affect tidal energy decisions

According to a study conducted by the National Oceanography Centre (NOC), the University of Southampton and Deltares, the impact of global sea-level rise on tides has inferences on future coastal flood risk, harbor management, and the long-term planning of tidal energy sites.

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