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The first online offer for metocean study on-demand

Metocean Analytics provides on-demand access to metocean data, statistics and reports through essential analytics and display tools

Obtain quickly a complete site characterization for an informed decision making during the planning and operational phases of your offshore projects


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Value Proposal

A unified and coherent catalogue of atmospheric and oceanic data

With Metocean Analytics’ continuously enriched catalogue of quality controlled metocean data, no more time spent looking for coherent waves, current, and wind databases for your area of interest.

Accessibility, flexibility

A smart interface

Metocean Analytics delivers complex statistical analysis respecting the standards of the sector in a simple and intuitive way.

A total flexibility

For each project, users can instantly pick their geographical points of interest, obtain the exact statistics they need and generate reports with various content depending on the intended readers.

Coworking Dashboard

Offshore projects involve numerous collaborators and contractors often spread across the country and sometimes across the world.

Metocean Analytics allows different stakeholders to have access to the same information, to share metocean reports and add comments through the Dashboard tool.

Co-working Platform

A Time saving tool

Metocean Analytics can deliver a complete metocean analysis and report in just a few minutes. This timing fits perfectly with the efficiency and productivity required by the increasingly ambitious, complex and budget tight offshore projects.


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Multiple users

Multiple users working on a common project can access the same Metocean Analytics account to share results and reports for a more efficient collaboration.

Multiple projects

Multiple projects can be created and modified at will. The GIS map interface allows to define accurately the geographical points of interests.


The Dashboard keeps track of ongoing and past projects of the various reports produced and the associated comments from collaborators.

Statistical results

The Analyze tool allows to visualize and download the operational and extreme value analysis of wind, wave, and ocean current at the chosen locations: rose, distribution, extreme value, vertical profile, historical weather windows, maps...

Data Validation

Characteristics of the numerical datasets, associated quality control results and the applied methodology for each statistic calculation are detailed.

Editing a report

The Report tool generates metocean study reports with the content of your choice based on previously computed statistical analysis.


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Metocean Discover




Metocean Discover is the ideal solution to get a few key metocean statistics during the bidding phase. Based only on global numerical datasets, you will obtain in just a few clicks wind, wave, ocean current roses, wave height (wind sea/swell) distribution, historical weather windows, and weather downtime estimate.


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Professional Services

Open Ocean can assist you during the planning, development and production phases of your offshore or coastal projects through various professional services



Training to get the best of Metocean Analytics


In-house production of metocean studies
through Metocean Analytics


Integration of your numerical modeling data in
Metocean Analytics catalogue for an exclusive use


Ocean current and wave tailored numerical modeling


Tropical storm-hurricane historical analysis


Marine Renewable Energy (Wave & Tidal, OTEC)
resource and energy assessment.


Oceanography Research and Development
for offshore energy projects

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