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Open Ocean at ICOE 2016

Open Ocean will be present at ICOE 2016.

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Saudi Aramco could be privatised as oil prices continue to dip

The world’s biggest oil producer, Saudi Aramco is planning to privatise some of its subsidiaries as well as offering shares in the main business. 

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Production starts at ENI's Mpungi offshore oil field in Angola

Italian oil and gas corporation, ENI’s Mpungi offshore oil field in Angola has started producing oil. 

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Open Ocean surfe la vague des énergies marine renouvelables

1,6 million d’euros levés en août 2015, des projets de recrutement et de développement à l’international… quatre ans seulement après sa création, la start-up Open Ocean semble voguer vers le succès.

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Open Ocean's Metocean Analytics updated

Marine data intelligence pioneer, Open Ocean, has recently updated Metocean Analytics with new features and datasets with the idea of a continuous improvement of its innovative tool. 

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