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New regional datasets available for the Indian coasts

R K Singh, Power and New & Renewable Energy minister of India announced that the government plans to reach 200 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2022, including 5 GW of offshore wind power being auctioned just for next year ! To help India to reach its goal, Metocean Analytics offers now regional datasets for the Indian coasts !

As of today, India has 330 GW of power generation capacity which includes 60 GW from renewable energy but the energy demand could triple in the country by 2030. Renewable energy could be the best alternative and more specifically offshore wind power, to provide energy for all the inhabitants.

This ambitious offshore wind development plan will require a thorough analysis of offshore conditions. Of course, wind conditions will be key but wave and ocean current variability also impact strongly the profitability of an offshore wind farm in terms of foundation design and maintenance operations planning.



The Metocean Analytics online solution gives you an offshore site first overview, we help tender manager for their proposal and we can also provide you with a full site characterization. To make the best choice and find the best location for your offshore project, Open Ocean’s unique online solution, Metocean Analytics, gives you a quick and easy access to supply the best current, wave, wind statistics available today; essential for your project development.

Screenshot-2018-1-19 Metocean Analytics.jpg

In addition, the partnership between Open Ocean and the spanish wind data expert company VORTEX now allows you to obtain super high resolution wind data for a thorough analysis of the wind energy potential.

Through Metocean Analytics, all your favorite statistics are available for the Indian coasts: average conditions, extreme value analysis and weather downtime estimate. And if you need particular requirement, thanks to its team of experts, Open Ocean also fulfills any specific metocean analysis request.

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