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Open Ocean becomes a member of WindEurope

Open Ocean is the newest member of WindEurope, a non-profit organisation which main goal is to promote wind power in Europe and worldwide. Open Ocean is proud to be one of WindEurope’s 450 members, active in over 50 countries.

Open Ocean is a company specialized in Marine Data Intelligence which develops online solutions providing key data and statistics on the marine environment. Based on its expertise in ocean modeling, oceanography, and Big Data Mining, Open Ocean offers high value products and services to offshore wind sector.     

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With a growing number of clients from the offshore wind sector, Open Ocean decided to become a member of WindEurope, a non-profit organization seeking to facilitate national and international policies and initiatives which strengthen the development of European and global wind energy markets, infrastructure and technology through effective communication and engagement in the political decision-making processes.

Open ocean believes in the growth of European wind generation, knowing that wind energy already meets 11% of EU’s power demand with high penetration levels in several countries, representing over 300,000 jobs and generating €72 billion in annual turnover. The European wind industry has a 40% share of all wind turbines sold globally. 

To help Offshore Wind projects, Open Ocean has conceived and developed Metocean Analytics, the first online offer providing metocean studies on demand. Metocean Analytics gives access in just a few clicks to a catalogue of validated historical wind, wave, ocean current, temperature data, standard statistical analysis tools and an automatic report generation tool to analyse any offshore location in the world.

To know more about how we can help your company with your offshore wind project, please contact us and ask for a demo.