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Vindeby (1991-2017): decommission of the world’s first offshore wind farm

DONG Energy, Danish energy company with a strong profile in renewables, decided to decommission Vindeby Offshore Wind Farm after 26 years of service.


In 1991, the world’s first offshore wind farm was constructed, 1.5-3km offshore in the low waters off Vindeby, southeast of Denmark. Vindeby Offshore Wind Farm consisted of 11 offshore wind turbines and had been of vital importance since it is where the offshore wind industry was born.
Vindeby offshore Wind Farm has covered the annual power consumption of around 2,200 households. Comparing to the latest projects, Hornsea Project One, off the east coast of England, planned to start commissioning in 2020, will be able to supply energy to approximately one million households.

Other remarkable difference is the distance to the shore. While Vindeby Offshore Wind Farm is located only 1.5-3km offshore, Hornsea project One is planned to be implemented 120km offshore. 

vindeby press.png

During the last 25 years, offshore wind turbines has almost tripled in size. Vindeby turbines measured 35m in height and the blades were 35m of diameter and had the capacity of producing 0.45MW. In comparison, Burbo Bank Extension, located on the Burbo Flats in Liverpool Bay, on the west coast of the UK in the Irish Sea, has a blade diameter of 164m, 133m in height and the capacity of producing 8.00MW.

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Decommissioning of Vindeby Offshore Wind Farm starts in March 2017 and the blades, nacelle and tower will be dismantled and taken down individually. Wind turbine components will be reused for other wind turbines. One wind turbine will soon be exposed at the Danish Museum of Energy, as part of the exhibition “Energimuseet”.

Source: DONG Energy