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France takes next step on offshore wind power: 750MV to be produced on Dunkirk area.

On March 2017, France will reach the next step on offshore wind energy production by selecting candidates to a new fixed installation of offshore wind on the Dunkirk area, that might increase France’s production up to 750MV. 

The second phase of the competition will start on March 06th 2017 and it will be assessed by energy regulator (Commission de Régulation de l’Energie) with candidates’ technical and financial capacities.

Ministry of Energy will select candidates who will bid in an auction. Selected candidates are expected to build and operate an offshore wind farm that should generate from 250 to 750 MW on Dunkirk area, as shown below.



Project's’ objectives are not only increasing France’s wind energy production, but also contributing to local economic development. All projects should propose innovative solutions to best explore the area, taking into consideration its various constraints, particularly environmental, in terms of maritime safety. Dunkirk area is located near a traffic separation scheme and it is the strait with the second highest transit in the world, with several nautical usages, such as fishing and leisure activities. 

The tender based on competitive dialogue, follows the approach used by Denmark in which the goal was to combine both government’s and wind industry interests in order to decrease offshore wind costs. Latests Danish offshore tenders managed to set costs of energy below 50 euros per hour.

To help with costs reduction, French government will provide state funded environmental studies to selected projects, reducing risks related to wind resources, water depth and soil composition.

In addition to Dunkirk’s area tender, another discussion about the Oléron area has taken place on a public consultation meeting last February 27th. This area could add another 500MW of wind energy production capacity, totaling an increase of over 1GW on France’s production.

The final results of the auction will be announced at the beginning of 2018 and the commissioning for the proposed capacity is expected in 2022.

This auction meets interest of Europe’s 2020 renewable energy targets proposed by the Renewable Energy Directive in which by 2020, 20% of final energy consumption in Europe comes from renewable resources.

For futher information about the auction on Dunkirk area, please visit the website:

For the development of the project, French government will make available public informations provided by by SHOM (Service Hydrographique et Océanographique de la Marine) and Meteo France about bathymetry, sedimentology, ocean currents, tidal and wave activity,  hydrology, impact of anthropogenic and environmental stressors, amongst others.

As these informations will take a while before being provided by the French government, Open Ocean can already offer any applicants with a full wind, wave, ocean current, temperature and salinity data and statistics for the Dunkirk and Oleron sites with the Metocean Analytics online solution. Metocean Analytics, delivers a complex statistical analysis respecting the standards of the sector in a simple and intuitive way, designed to be time saving tool.




To know more about Metocean Analytics, don’t hesitate to contact us.