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Ocean Energy ERA-NET Cofund: 18 million euros available to launch your ocean energy projects

A joint-call for transnational research and demonstration projects in ocean energy technologies will be launched on March 20th 2017 by Ocean Energy ERA-NET Cofund, under European Union’s Horizon 2020. A budget of 18 million euros will be available for winning projects.


The project must focus on new technologies for generating electricity from waves, tidal current, tidal range, salinity gradient and ocean thermal energy conversion. The main objective of the project must be improving performance, reliability and survivability of ocean energy conversion devices and arrays, as well as reducing the cost of energy. All projects must be transnational, involving at least 2 partners from 2 different countries.


Ocean Energy ERA-NET Cofund is part of EU’s Horizon 2020. The joint-action is coordinated by a consortium representing the leading countries and regions in European ocean energy sector: Scotland (UK), Sweden, Spain, Basque Country (Spain), Ireland, Croatia, Portugal and Bretagne and Pays de la Loire (France).

This consortium aims at significantly contributing to the development of a new industrial sector in Europe, investing in renewable ocean energy, helping with the decarbonisation of Europe's energy system, as well as contributing to economic growth and job creation.

Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever, created in 2014 with almost 80 billion euros of funding. With the political backing of Europe’s leaders and Members of the European Parliament and private investment, Horizon 2020 aims to secure Europe’s global competitiveness emphasizing in excellent science, industrial leadership and tackling societal challenges through innovation.


Open Ocean, pioneer in Marine Data Intelligence, is aligned with the innovative ideas of Ocean Energy Era-net Cofund and can help your company to develop your project with Metocean Analytics, the first online offer for metocean study on-demand.

On March 1st 2017, a conference about the joint-call Ocean Energy ERA-NET Cofund will be held in Lorient, France. For further information, please contact  Claire Le Tertre, in Brittany or Charlotte Sugliani, in Pays de la Loire.