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DORIS Engineering and SBM Offshore join the Metocean Analytics community

DORIS Engineering and SBM Offshore have recently joined the Metocean Analytics community.

These two contractors specialized in offshore engineering have recently started using the Metocean Analytics online solution. Involved in different projects in Europe and abroad, these companies needed metocean data and statistics promptly.

Metocean Analytics fulfilled perfectly their needs with high quality metocean datasets and a large set of statistics that they used either for a general site characterization, for a design study or to plan offshore operations on the long term.

These key actors of the offshore energy sector provided positive feedback on their experience with Metocean Analytics service.

Like DORIS Engineering and SBM Offshore, join the Metocean Analytics community to obtain in just a few minutes all the metocean data and statistics you need for any offshore location around the world.