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Metocean Discover, the perfect tool for your biddings

Metocean Discover, Open Ocean's new online solution gives you a quick and easy access to key metocean statistics to help you during your biddings.

Open Ocean launches Metocean Discover, the perfect online tool to obtain quickly and easily all the metocean information you need during your bidding phase.

Whether you are tendering for a cable laying operation, an offshore maintenance contract or an early stage development project, metocean information is of great value to identify the potential challenges associated with the mission.

Better knowledge of wind, wave and ocean current conditions can help you define the best technical solution and better estimate potential downtime.

Metocean Discover now offers you directly online to obtain in just a couple of minutes a complete set of key metocean statistics that will help you to estimate the weather showstoppers during the tendering phase. For any sea or ocean around the world, you simply need to click on your location of interest and you will obtain the following information :

Water depth

Annual and monthly wave directional rose + Hs/Tp distribution (Total, swell, windsea)

Annual and monthly surface and bottom current directional rose

Annual and monthly wind directional rose

Monthly weather window/weather downtime with wind speed/wave height constraints

Monthly weather window/weather downtime with wave height/current speed constraints


Contact us to learn more about Metocean Discover. We would be glad to show you a demonstration of Metocean Discover and open a demo account for you.