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Satellite data and improved seastate forecasting

Open Ocean has received confirmation of PIAVE funding from the French government for an ambitious research project aiming to improve seastate conditions forecasting using satellite data. Open Ocean will collaborate with CLS on this project named SIMPLE for Satellite-based Innovant Metocean Product: Light and Easy.


SAR images

Satellites carrying Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) instruments have been collecting high resolution data about sea surface roughness for decades representing a large amount of information which can be translated into wind speed and direction.

Combined with high resolution numerical simulation of the atmosphere, these satellite measurements will allow to improve the modeling of mesoscale atmospheric phenomena through 2D statistical calibration methods. This top quality atmospheric simulation will then allow to improve an existing wave numerical simulation over the same region using advanced statistical techniques.



Hindcast to Forecast
The new resulting wind and wave dataset will cover a past time period (‘a hindcast’) which will be integrated into the catalogue of the innovative online solution, Metocean Analytics, developed by Open Ocean.

From these historical dataset, Open Ocean will then launch numerical simulations in forecasting mode applying calibration in real-time based on the learnings of the statistical analysis performed on the historical dataset. This innovative approach is promising to improve wind and wave forecasting in key offshore development regions of the world.

This project aims at bringing an innovative solution to the offshore energy sector based on high performance computing, cloud storage and big data analysis.