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Metocean Analytics ® continues to improve! Discover the new statistics available

Marine data intelligence pioneer, Open Ocean, has recently updated Metocean Analytics® with new statistics with the idea of a continuous improvement of its innovative tool.

Metocean Analytics® provides on-demand access to metocean data, statistics and reports through essential analytics and display tools. It can give quickly a complete site characterization for an informed decision making during the planning and operational phases of  offshore projects.

Metocean Analytics already included many analysis statistics like rose directional distribution; empirical distribution; historical weather window, extreme value etc…but the Open Ocean team works hard with a constant focus on adding more capabilities to the interface.

Now with Metocean Analytics, you also can visualize and download:  

- Extreme contours (Image)

- Multivariate extreme analysis

- Hmax time series (Image)

- Empirical distribution per directional sector (Image)

- JONSWAP Peak factor time series (Image)


To learn more, contact us for a free demo of Metocean Analytics®

Discover the complete list of statistics available through Metocean Analytics here: