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Gravity base foundation to fix wind turbine on the Seabed

EDF Energy Renewables is to build a new offshore wind farm off the coast of Blyth in Northumberland.

EDF said it would install the five turbines V164 8MW on concrete gravity-base foundations designed and built by the Dutch construction firm Royal Bam Group. Watch the video to see  what is a gravity-base foundation.



The concrete gravity base foundations are the first of their kind to be built in the world and the new installation method of ‘float and sink’ will be used for the project. The foundations will be floated and sunk in position using tugs. The foundation design will utilise ‘self-installing’ technology. This is the first time this method has been used for wind turbines.

The project itself will be a demonstration project to prove the viability of this approach to installing gravity-base foundations in the offshore environment for future wind farms.



MHI-Vestas-V164-8.0-MW.jpg Construction work for the project has begun onshore and offshore work will start in 2017 to install five turbines of 41.5MW in capacity. The wind turbine farm, will provide enough low carbon electricity to power 33 000 homes. The project has permission for a maximum total generating capacity of almost 100 MW.

EDF Energy Renewables portofolio is still growing like Matthieu Hue, EDF Energy Renewables CEO, said: “As a company, we already have a strong presence in the North East, in low carbon electricity generation and serving customers including our first offshore wind farm at Teesside so we’re pleased to be able to add another project to our portfolio in the region.”