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Vattenfall decommissions Yttre Stengrund offshore wind farm in Sweden

Sweden-based offshore wind energy developer, Vattenfall AB, announced that it has successfully decommissioned the 10 MW Yttre Stengrund offshore wind farm. This marks the first decommissioning of an offshore wind farm in the world. 

Located in the Baltic sea, Yttre Stengrund, one of the first offshore wind farms in the world, was operational for over a decade since 2001. 
Maria Hassel, Project Manager at Vattenfall said  "The difficulty of getting hold of spare parts and the huge cost involved in upgrading the turbines and gearboxes meant that it wasn't financially viable to replace the turbines."

"Yttre Stengrund was one of our first wind farms and we've learnt a lot over the almost 10 years that we've been operating it. That knowledge, combined with the prohibitive cost and technical difficulty of replacing the turbines, made this a relatively straightforward decision. We have locations with better wind conditions in other parts of the country where we can build new wind power and take with us the knowledge we've gained from Yttre Stengrund, she added. 

The removal of underwater cables is scheduled for the summer of 2016 and the traces left behind by the wind farm will be negligible.