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Production starts at ENI's Mpungi offshore oil field in Angola

Italian oil and gas corporation, ENI’s Mpungi offshore oil field in Angola has started producing oil. 

Located 130 km off the coast of Angola in the South Atlantic Ocean in water depths ranging 1,000m to  1,500m, the Mpungi oil field achieved first oil production on schedule and under budget. 

Mr. Claudio Descalzi, CEO at ENI said “The third start-up milestone of the West Hub Development project has been achieved both on budget and on schedule. This achievement reflects our ability to deliver major projects and confirms our excellent track record in terms of efficiency, technology and innovation.”

The development of the Mpungi offshore oil field is a part of Eni's West Hub Development Project involving the development of the Sangos, Cinguvu and Ngoma, Mpungi and Vandumbu e Ochigufu offshore oil fields. 

These deepwater oil fields are located located about 350 kms in block 15/06 in the South Atlantic ocean, covering approximately 2,984 km².