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Sabella writes history: France's first tidal energy project operational in Ouessant island

On a historic note in the production of tidal energy in France, Quimper based tidal energy developer Sabella has started producing energy through its D10 turbine in Ouessant island. This pioneering project is the first of its kind in France. 

France is now one of the few countries to boast a tidal energy project, thanks to Sabella. Earlier, Sabella's tidal turbine was successfully connected to the grid in Ouessant island despite unfavouring weather conditions.

The revolutionary tidal turbine would work for about a year, producing enough electricity to meet around 15% of the electricity needs of Ouessant.

The tidal turbines installed between Molène and Ushant, in the powerful current in Fromveur could eventually cover more than half of the electricity needs of the island in the near future.

Jean-François Daviau, head of SME based in Quimper said "This is a historic day, it is a first in 
France, the beginning of marine energy for citizens and consumers".

"We needed to check all settings and well take over this first demonstration," said Mr. Jean-Christophe Allo, project manager at Sabella.

Mr. Denis Palluel, mayor of Ouessant said "This is a very important step towards decarbonising Ouessant. Delegations from Canada have come to see this project.''

Sabella has already developed 15m long D15 tidal turbine and aims to provide 50 to 70% of the needs of Ouessant island by 2019.