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Scotland to Help China Harness Wave Energy

European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney, Scotland and the University of Edinburgh have jointly signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ocean University of China to develop and support a wave energy test site in the Qingdao region in China.

EMEC’s Commercial Director, Oliver Wragg said ''Scotland and China have a common interest to support the global development of marine energy technologies. As the first test centre of its kind, EMEC has endured some steep learning curves during its own development, and we see no point in other countries having to reinvent the wheel.''

''Having overseen more than 1000 marine energy activities at our test sites in Orkney covering device deployments, grid connections, cable laying operations, data collection and various monitoring activities, we have many experiences to share with our Chinese counterparts that can make their journey a great deal smoother," he added.

Professor Hongda Shi from Ocean University of China (OUC), said ''Marine renewable energy in China has the potential for a brilliant future, but we have a long way to go. The short-cut for development is to cooperate with the countries who have advanced technology and abundant experience. Scotland is no doubt such a country and EMEC is the leader of the domain''

Three tidal energy projects are currently under construction in Zhuhai, Zhoushan and Weihai in China and the construction of a wave energy test site in Qingdao region would speed up the commercial expansion of the country's wave and tidal power industry. China has a vast coastline of 18,0000km with a potential of 13 GW marine renewable energy (Wang et al., 2011).