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New Powerbuoy Deployed by Ocean Power Technologies

American ocean energy company Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) has deployed its APB350 A1 PowerBuoy approximately 14 miles northeast of Atlantic City, New Jersey.


The APB350 A1 encompasses an improved Power Takeoff (PTO) system compared to its predecessor APB350 deployed in 2011 and then redeployed in 2013.
The advanced PTO design featured in APB350 A1 is focused to improve reliability, manufacturability and efficiency.

The upgraded PTO system in APB350 A1 is capable of supplying power to its payloads for up to seven days using OPT’s prior generation modular energy storage system.
Real-time performance and weather data will be collected and transmitted by the powerbuoy to OPT’s monitoring and analysis center, as well as its headquarters.

Moreover, the APB350 A2 PowerBuoy, targeted to be ready for deployment later this fiscal year, is expected to feature an optimized hull geometry for improved wave energy extraction as well as reduced fabrication, transportation and deployment costs and a new high voltage ESS for better efficiency.

Optimized hull geometry combined with the new energy storage system in APB350 A2 is expected to achieve greater power capture and more efficient storage in a smaller and lighter buoy.  

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Picture: OPT