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Sabella choses Metocean Analytics for its international strategy

Sabella has chosen Metocean Analytics for the analysis of currents on its new sites.

Developed by Open Ocean, Metocean Analytics simplifies and accelerates the search and analysis process for potential sites thanks to a large catalogue of currents, waves and wind data, coupled with statistical tools analyzing precisely the locations of interest, and an editing tool providing reports on-demand.

Based in Quimper, SABELLA currently develops the first French tidal turbine to be connected to the French electrical grid: Sabella D10. After having this installation off the coast of Ushant Island, Sabella has international ambitions which require exploring the ocean current energy potential at many sites in Europe and throughout the world.

“Metocean Analytics will help SABELLA save time in implementing its projects, and reduce its costs. It will enable the company to explore new markets all over the world. The swift statistical calculations and the easily accessible data make of Metocean Analytics a disruptive offer that will support many companies in working faster and better,” explains Jerome Cuny, co-founder of Open Ocean.

”SABELLA is a forerunner in the marine renewable energy field and must maintain its development pace to stay a step ahead. Metocean Analytics enables us to quickly obtain key information to spot potential sites, to guide our potential clients in their investment decisions and to promptly focus on the most suitable and relevant sites for the energy model we are promoting,” Said Jean-Christophe ALLO, in charge of SABELLA’s development.

Image: sabella

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