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A new wave energy converter deployed to produce electricity in Pantelleria Island

Turin Polytechnic University and Wave for Energy has successfully deployed its 100kW Inertial Sea Wave Energy Converter off Pantelleria, an Island located south west of Sicily.

The ISWEC device, which has been installed at 800 metres off the island, consists in a gyroscopic system set inside a watertight mono-hull vessel joined and secured to the sea floor in a water depth of 35 metres by a slack mooring line.

The power generated by the interaction between sea waves, hull and the ISWEC device will soon be delivered through the island grid as the connection phase is planned for October.

The realisation of this project was supported by Italy’s national agency for new technology, energy and economic development (ENEA), the national research council (IAMC-CNR), and thanks to the help of the Piedmont and Sicily regions.

Illustration : energia moto ondoso2