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France calls for tidal and wave projects

A call for tender dedicated to tidal, river and wave energy projects has been emitted by ADEME, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency.

With the goal  of financing wave, marine tidal  and river and technology demonstration projects, this call is seeking marine tidal and wave energy projects with an annual output over 250 MW/h.
In order to boost marine renewable energy development, the call is also on the look out for innovative technology and components for tidal, wave and floating turbines (electrical equipment, PTO, generators, cables, anchors, floating solutions, innovative installation and maintenance methods).

This call for tender will also focus on the development of river and estuarine tidal energy projects which includes at least five 30kW turbines.

Deadline for project proposals is set for March 20th 2017. Intermediary closures are expected to be held on January 25 and September 19 2016.


Image: Alstom/Illustration