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First phase of Marina di Pisa project is in sight

The two italian company, Elements Works and 40South Energy, in charge of the Marina di Pisa wave Energy project, which is expected to be installed off Tuscany, are joining forces to accelerate project development.

The technology developed by 40South Energy, especially designed for remote island, is distinguished by its capacity to harness both wave and tidal energy. But in the case of Marina di Pisa project, the two 50kW installed devices will provide power from wave energy only. 

In order to secure the required funds for the first phase of Marina di Pisa project, Elements Works and 40South Energy will launch a crowdfunding campaign around September 2015 so as to start the implementation of the projects by the end of 2015. This first phase has an estimated cost of €200 000 for a total cost of €800 000 for the overall project which will require, according to the developers, a second funding campaign.


Illustration : 40South Energy