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Blackbird International and Wadamba Technovation ready to catch a wave in South Africa

Blackbird International and Wadamba Technovation have recently announced a plan to develop a 500MW power plant off South Africa’s coasts. 

This first project is expected to generate approximately $140m of revenues annually and is seen as a great step for the two actors to develop their activities in African countries. South Africa’s coasts are also considered as a perfect landing site for the Werpo’s sea wave technology thanks to its 3000km coastline. 

Blackbird head of operations Daniel Naimi said: “We are most pleased with not only this joint venture but that this advances us in increasing our footprint in African countries.”

Naimi added: “This is the first of more projects in Africa. Each project will increase our revenue stream with the result of multiplying substantially shareholder value.”


Illustration: Capetown, South Africa,