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A PB40 PowerBuoy deployed off New Jersey

Ocean Power Technologies based in New Jersey, USA has recently deployed its PB40 PowerBuoy off the coast of New Jersey.

The technology designed by OPT weighs 130 tons and is 110 feet long. This device operates in 45 meters or more underwater and includes new design features such as a high voltage electric power generation, a distribution and management system combined with an advanced energy storage system which provide autonomous power for offshore applications. The development of this PB40 wave power buoy was supported by the US Department of Energy and by the European Union.

This new device will provide the company with key information and data allowing them to boost the ongoing product commercialization and technology development efforts. In addition it will also reinforce the validation of the logistical processes in installing the buoy. 

George Kirby, President and Chief Executive Officer of OPT, said: “We are very proud of this achievement and we look forward to assessing the buoy’s performance, which will provide an important step in furthering our discussions with customers in our target markets.

“Our goal is to bring reliable, cost-effective offshore power solutions to markets that will provide viable alternatives to higher-cost solutions and enable many new customer applications that are currently not available.”

Following this deployment, the company expects to deploy later this year its others Buoys model known as the APB350 A1 the APB350 A2.

Image: OPT