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WERPO’s 10MW power plant in Sri Lanka planned

The Israeli wave energy developer WERPO has planned to develop a 10 MW power plant in Sri Lanka.

It is after having received an approval from Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) that Werpo has announced the development of a future power plant of 10MW in Sri Lanka. According to WERPO the initial capacity of 10MW of this power plant should be rapidly followed by the development of 10 additional wave power plants.

The technology developed by WERPO harnesses the power generated by wave speed, height, depth and currents beneath the surface of the water to produce electricity through a hydraulic pressure system.

In order to build this new project WERPO has created a local subsidiary in Sri Lanka. The electricity produced will be sell directly to the CEB, which is the largest provider of electricityinSri-Lanka at ten cents per unit.


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