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Atmocean has successfully deployed its wave energy system off Peru

The US energy wave energy developer Atmocean, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico has finally installed its wave energy system off Ilo in Peru. Atmocean has created a local subsidiary after being granted with a one year license by the Peruvian Navy so as to demonstrate its wave energy technology on this market.

It is after a previous unsuccessful trial that Atmocean has completed the installation of its 5 demonstration pumps and 5 demonstrations buoys on July 5, 2015.

The technology developed by Atmocean allows the production of electricity and fresh water thanks to an ingenious desalination process. This system harnesses the motions of the ocean in order to pressurizes water through a piston in a cylinder. With several seawater pumps linked together, the pressurized water can be directly sent to converters onshore.

The production of fresh water through Atmocean devices will be a key advantage for the US company on the Peruvian market where the energy market isn’t highly attractive.

Illustration : Atmocean