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The two new Open Hydro turbines for Paimpol-Bréhat’s are under construction

The Paimbol-Bréhat demonstration project located in France and monitored by EDF is expected to be connected to the grid before the end of 2015. DCNS has already launched the production of the turbine blades at its production site in Lorient.

This demonstration site will allow DCNS to experiment and validate the operation of two grid-connected turbines. These two 16 metre diameter turbine, which are expected to generate 500kW of electricity each will be jointly installed off the coast of Paimpol France by the DCNS subsidiary OpenHydro and EDF.

In order to be delivered by the end of July, DCNS has already spread the construction phases of the turbine at its different facilities. Thus, the stator assembly will be made in Brest through May, while the assembly of turbines’ rotors will take place in Cherbourg. The DCNS’ facility in Brest will support the final assembly.

This project is seen as an important step for the prospective of the sector and particularly in the development of tidal energy industry and tidal farms in France. This project is expected to pave the way for the deployment of pre-commercial tidal farms and the development of a tidal energy industrial sector in France.

Illustration : DCNS