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Combining more than 20 years of experience in oceanography research and operational metocean services for the offshore industry

Our story

When marine science meets innovative web technology

Open Ocean is an innovative company based in Brest and Paris, which conceives since 2011 online decision-making solutions for industrial marine activities.

Our highly qualified team of oceanographers, trained in the best research oceanographic institutes of the world (UPMC, IFREMER, University of Washington) is specialized in high resolution modelling, statistical analysis and data mining.

As a result of our team's very diverse experience, we have conceived and created Metocean Analytics, the first online offer for metocean study on-demand.

Open Ocean is collaborating with several investors for its development: Seventure Partner, Cap Décisif Management, Finistère Angels and Crédit-Agricole du Finistère. 

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Our vision

To be a major actor in the Blue Growth

The oceans cover 71% of the Earth's surface and is more than ever a key resource for energy, food, transport and pharmaceutical sectors but remains a complex and hostile environment. 

Open Ocean envisions to support this impressive growth of the Blue Economy by conceiving innovative online solutions that will change the way offshore developments are planned and managed.

These softwares are decision-making tools which improve safety, cost, and respect of the environment associated with ambitious offshore projects of the 21st century.

Our team combines scientific expertise, proficiency of innovative technologies, strategic vision and culture of efficiency to offer a better understanding of the ocean world and to ensure the sustainability of BLUE Growth.

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Our partners

Our team

Renaud Laborbe
Executive Chairman

Passionate about the ocean and new technologies, Renaud was trained as an oceanographer in France (MSc, Pierre et Marie Curie University) and the United States (San Diego State University) before joining CPTEC, the main atmospheric research center in South America for 2 years. Once back in France in 2006, he was involved in the development of several startup companies before launching Open Ocean in 2011 to combine his management skills with his operational oceanography experience and web expertise.

Jerome Cuny
Chief Executive Officer

Trained as a physical oceanographer (Ph.D. University of Washington, USA), Jerome has worked as a research scientist in Canada, USA, Belgium and France over a 9-year period. Inspired by his experience abroad, Jerome became an entrepreneur on his return to France and has been involved in the business development of different startup companies since 2005. In 2011, he launched Open Ocean with Renaud Laborbe bringing in his international, commercial and operational management experience.  

Youen Kervella
Research & Development Manager

Based at Open Ocean’s Brest office, Youen holds a Ph.D. in physical oceanography with a specialty in ocean and sediment transport numerical modeling. After working at Ifremer research center for several years, Youen decided to jump early into Open Ocean’s adventure by joining us at the end of 2011. He now supervises all the R&D developments with a focus on all numerical modeling challenges. 

Raphaël Dubois
Data Scientist

Engineer (Ecole Polytechnique) and oceanographer (MSc, Pierre et Marie Curie), Raphaël joined Open Ocean right after his studies to share his key expertise in statistical analysis and ocean current modeling. Raphaël supervises the implementation of the statistical analysis tools into Metocean Analytics.  

Meidhy Demagny
DevOps & Data Analyst

Data Scientist and computer engineer, Meidhy brings his expertise in the field of data mining, high performance computing and artificial intelligence. He helps Open Ocean reaching the next level of oceanography.  

Yves Moisan
Full Stack Developer

Based at Open Ocean’s Brest office, Yves is a mechanical engineer (Paul Sabatier University) and holds a Master’s degree in mechatronics engineering obtained jointly at the National Engineering School in Brest and the University of Dalarna in Sweden. After an internship at Open Ocean as a Python developer, Yves joined the team in 2015 as a Full Stack Developer, being responsible for computer program optimization for analysis of output data from ocean numerical model. He works on Metocean Analytics web development, visualization and interaction with Big Data.

Iulia Shevchenko
International Business Developer - Offshore Energies

After graduating from University of Kiev, Paris-Sorbonne University and INSEEC Business School, Iulia worked as a  Business Manager in the Oil & Gas industry, specifically in the international trade of oil drilling tools. Iulia joined Open Ocean in 2016 as an international business developer with a focus on offshore energies sector. 

Carole Alcalay
Office Manager

Carole holds a masters degree in Applied Foreign Languages in Management & Commerce and worked in International Trade sector. She also worked for several prestigious international symposiums. Carole now supervises Open Ocean’s administration and operations.